What is Light Language?

Light Language and Light Codes are cosmically channeled frequencies that I refer to as light transmissions. Light transmissions can be channeled in many different forms. Some people speak and sing it, some people express it through dance and movement and some anchor the frequency by drawing unique symbols, script and sacred geometry. Light transmissions are Ancient Universal Communication System, a forgotten multidimensional healing tool. A beautiful and sacred soul gift. Light transmissions are the most powerful healing modality know at this time. It is used to assist and raise the vibration of ourselves, the planet, humanity and to support the animal kingdom.


Art work by Rosa-Maria Marquez

How does it work?

Light transmissions bypasses the logical mind and works deep within the subconscious. The transmissions meet the receiver at the level at which they are ready to receive. Light transmissions enter the physical body on a cellular level and works within the etheric field and beyond. Transmuting old beliefs systems, clears  blocks, physical and mental trauma as well as trauma passed down through ancestral heritage to implants and galactic contracts.


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