Food Sensitivity Test




Are you bloated and feel tired all the time? This unique food sensitivity test provides you with the ability to see easy to read results of * 90* culprits that may be causing bloating and other health concerns,  The test is packaged in the form of an easy to use home test kit, and comes with easy to use instructions on how to extract  sample without any irritation or hassle. Additionally  I provide a complimentary 1 on 1 tele-session with a live MD nutritionist to go over you particular results and walk you through any decisions  you may have surrounding alterations to your diet.
















How Does it Work Scientifically?

We use a method known as Enzyme Linked Immuno-Assay (ELISA) in combination with our unique proprietary Enzymes that provides information about the  inflammation response generated by antibodies found in the blood sample.

A food based inflammatory response can manifest itself in many different forms within the body. These various symptoms are triggered by chain reactions caused within the body from minor increases & decreases in the efficiency of how your cellular structures are operating in the moment. The body's natural immune response and production of a class of antibodies categorized as IgG antibodies; provides us with the necessary test samples for how to discover the root of these variable symptoms, and how to mitigate the symptoms by eliminating/reducing the agitating agent.

The reasoning why everyday causal foods become agitating agents within the body is a result of how our bodies have adapted overtime to process certain food groups. The gut biome responsible for re-purposing organic material for the bodies particular utilization must have the required reactive agents in order to interact with the food being digested to orient/alter the needed material into a usable form for the body. If we overload a particular set of reactive agents the body becomes unable to correctly process. This unfinished form becomes an agitating agent within the body and can cause problems

Order & Receive
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1 Order your quick and easy Gutcheck test via PayPal  and receive a kit in the mail 3-4 days from your order. Your kit will contain:

2 Follow the easy instructions listed on the back of the requisition form. This will explain how to properly & safely extract the blood sample needed to process the test. Once you've followed the instructions & shipped the sample it will take anywhere from 4-8 days to receive and email with your sample results.

3 The email specified in the requisition form is where the results will be sent to. You will receive an in depth report describing your food sensitivities & a follow up email asking you to schedule your free complimentary visit with our MD professional nutritionist, going over your particular test results.