Linkedin Coaching


Lisa Ponssanza

CEO and Owner
Breakthrough coach and mentor

Why you should consider my training?

I have proven system that assist clients to achieve great success using the tools that I have mastered while expanding my own professional business.

As a professional, you will increase your profit in your existing business while unlocking your true potential.

Clients will be encourage to dream and open their mind to see beyond that they thought possible. Recharge Your Life

Module 1

  1. Setting up your professional profile. Creating your resume. Linkedin overview
  2. Building your network & managing your leads

Module 2

  1. Organization Skills
  2. Module 1 review
  3. Creating an idea search engine

Module 3

  1. Messaging

a. How to connect
b. Asking questions is sequence
c. Overcoming objections
d. Qualifying leads

Module 4

The system(Connecting to closing)

  1. Mindset
  2. Q&A

Individual and group rates available